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Lemongrass tea, an excellent weight loss

by Dianna Leon

Also known as lemongrass, this medicinal plant has a lemon-like odor when its leaves are cut. Like many other herbs, this one can be used to treat many ailments and can be found fresh, dried or packed in a sachet, and can be used in all three ways. Lemongrass contains principles that speed up metabolism, helping to eliminate fat stores, making it difficult for the body to assimilate it. It also combats swelling by acting as a diuretic. The drink, associated with a controlled diet, helps to eliminate up to 3kg in just one week and up to 12kg in a month.

With calming, antibacterial, diuretic, disinfectant and antidepressant properties, it is also an excellent insect repellent as it contains the essential oil of citronella. The plant can be indicated in cases of menstrual or intestinal cramps, and also for cases of nervousness and restlessness.


How to prepare tea?

To prepare the tea, bring a liter of water to the fire, and turn it off as soon as it reaches the boiling point. With the fire already off, add a tablespoon of lemongrass, or four sachets of the herb. Smother for ten minutes, strain and drink hot or cold. For weight loss, the ideal is to consume half an hour before each of the three main meals of the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Once prepared, the drink must be consumed on the same day, since when frozen, it loses its active ingredients.


Pregnant women, lactating women and people with gastritis should not associate diets with the use of tea in order to accelerate weight loss.

If used externally, it can burn the skin. When used as a compress, dipping the cloth in the tea and then applying it to the painful area of ​​the body, wash the skin before going out in the sun. It can even cause fainting and low blood pressure.

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