Losing weight has already become an almost unanimous desire in people who are overweight. Not only for aesthetics, but also for health. After all, it is already more than proven that obesity is a serious problem, and worse: it generates other diseases, putting your quality of life at risk. Thankfully, for these cases, some teas can serve as allies.

However, it is necessary to know at what time is the ideal time to drink tea and thus be able to enjoy its benefits. For example, the recommended period for drinking tranquilizing teas is at night. Energy drinks, on the other hand, work best if taken in the morning. Those that help in the weight loss process should be consumed before lunch and thus enhance your actions.

What are slimming teas?

Soothing herbs, antioxidants, diuretics or digestives are indicated to help in the fight against the balance. These are able to act directly on the metabolism, regulating its activity and accelerating the weight loss action. Also, some drinks are high in fiber, which causes a “full” stomach feeling. This way, at lunchtime, the person puts a smaller portion of food.

Diuretic powers are responsible for draining body fluid. In other words, these drinks decrease the body’s retention by decreasing measurements and subsequent fluid body weight.

Examples of slimming drinks

  • Ginger tea: It is advisable for those who want not only to lose weight, but also to get more nutrients from the meal. This tea helps the body to absorb and improve digestion. It still manages to protect the mucosa of the organs responsible for digestion and eliminate the possibility of inflammation, as well as heartburn and gas;
  • Boldo Tea: Well known for its power to repair intestinal problems, Boldo has a substance responsible for breaking down fat, called lactone. And it’s even able to help the digestion processes of food;
  • Lemon Tea: A strong detoxifier, it acts as a cleanser for the whole organism, from the blood to the digestive system. It is also a great relaxant, capable of acting for this purpose in the stomach and promoting greater ease of action for this organ;
  • Rosemary tea: Do you know that bad digestion, which causes the feeling of a “full” stomach, burning and headaches? So for this condition rosemary tea is highly effective. Its performance is also linked to the metabolism acceleration process and the protection of the stomach walls;
  • Mint tea: Eliminates the possibility of pain that affects the stomach by nausea, diarrhea, heartburn etc. In addition to speeding up the digestion process.

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