Tea is one of the most consumed beverages in the world, second only to water, and offers several nutrients and antioxidant substances that protect the body from premature aging, from various diseases and also helps the body in the weight loss process.

Many people prepare tea with the aim of using it as a natural remedy for a certain health condition, to sleep better at night, to lose weight or just to enjoy a hot drink on a colder day. However, there are some rules that must be followed during preparation so that the benefits of the herbs can be reaped.

Mistakes in consuming teas that reduce the chances of losing weight

Check below what are the most common mistakes when preparing the teas and that make you lose the slimming action of the herb:

Heat the water in the microwave

When heating water in the microwave, we will not be able to control the water temperature and this factor is decisive in the final result of the drink.

Use tea bag

Bag teas do not have the same potency as those made with the plant’s leaves or flowers. For simple herbs, based on leaves or flowers, the most suitable is the infusion method. To do this, just heat the water (switch off the heat before it starts to boil) and add the herbs. Cover the container and let it rest for a period of 5 minutes before consuming.

use very hot water

The water used in the preparation of tea should not boil so as not to eliminate the herb’s properties or change its flavor. The fire should be turned off as soon as the first pellets start to appear, before bubbling.

very strong tea brew

Overdosing and brewing too strong tea can cause problems: hibiscus tea, for example, can cause stomach upset in some people. The tip is to use one or two teaspoons of your chosen herb for every cup of water.

consume in excess

If consumed in excess, herbs can also cause problems such as migraines or high blood pressure. To know the right amount, it is necessary to consult an expert.

Do not cook the harshest herbs

If the tea is based on roots, or any kind of harder “herb”, it is necessary to cook. Cinnamon, for example, needs to stay in boiling water for 15 minutes for it to release its flavor, plus another 10 minutes off the heat, resting. This method is called decoction.

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