A great option for those who want to lose weight are natural drinks. Pitanga tea, for example, in addition to bringing numerous health benefits, also helps with weight loss.

For weight loss results to be more effective and even healthier, try to combine the consumption of pitanga tea with the intake of a healthy diet and daily physical exercise.

Pitanga tea to lose weight

The pitanga is very rich in numerous nutrients that help to strengthen the immune system. The fruit can be consumed in the form of juices,  in natura  and as an ingredient in recipes and its leaves for the preparation of teas.

And even if pitanga ta is not prepared with the fruit, the drink also has the same benefits as pitanga itself.

Pitanga tea is a diuretic and has laxative action (Photo: depositphotos)

Pitanga tea is a drink with very few calories . And in addition to being light, it also has a diuretic effect, helping to eliminate toxins from the body and also excess water, often responsible for excess abdominal fat.

Pitanga tea also has a natural laxative action , also contributing to weight loss.

Benefits of cherry tea

In addition to helping you lose weight, pitanga tea also brings numerous other health benefits.

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The drink has an anti-inflammatory action, is a natural tranquilizer and has the presence of flavonoids, helping to strengthen the immune system, protecting the body from numerous diseases.

The consumption of cherry tea helps fight liver disease, diarrhea and menstrual cramps.

Pitanga tea also helps  control diabetes, regulates cholesterol levels and fights rheumatic diseases.

It can also be used to treat respiratory illnesses such as asthma and bronchitis, as well as sore throats.

Because it has a relaxing effect, cherry tea also helps to control anxiety and even control food cravings, once again benefiting those who want to lose weight.

A drink rich in vitamin A, the tea made with the leaves of the cherry tree also fights the cells that cause premature aging and that cause cancer.

How to prepare cherry tea?

Choose the best cherry tree leaves to prepare the drink. Set aside three spoons of the plant and put a liter of water to boil. Once ready, pour the boiled water onto the leaves and leave the sweltered container for approximately ten minutes.

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Try to consume a maximum of three cups of pitanga tea daily, preferably between the main meals of the day.

Consumption precautions

Even though it is a natural treatment, it is important to be careful when consuming cherry tea.

As it is a drink with diuretic action , excessive consumption of the drink can harm the healthy functioning of the body.

Excessive tea intake can also interfere with the amount of potassium present in the body, causing some heart rate problems.

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