The apple is a fruit full of properties that is very present in human nutrition. What few people know is that by making apple tea, several other health benefits can also be achieved.

Apple tea has large amounts of nutrients essential for the overall health of the body. All this nutritional wealth is also concentrated in the fruit peel . That’s why the drink is prepared using the bark.

The apple has the most diverse therapeutic sources, being indicated to aid in the digestive process , precisely because it contains large amounts of fiber . It is also a blood purifier, contains iron and works as a great antioxidant.

How to prepare apple tea

There are two ways to prepare apple tea . The first one is made only with the use of the bark, while the other one, you can also add cinnamon sticks. In addition to providing a different taste, other benefits can be added.

See how to prepare the two types of apple tea:

apple tea


  • 500 ml of filtered water;
  • Peel of an apple.

Method of preparation

Using a saucepan, bring the water to a boil. Once it reaches the boiling point, add the apple peel and simmer for 10 minutes. When the time is up, turn off the heat and allow it to cool down a bit.

Before consuming, take a sieve so that the apple peel used in the preparation is removed more easily. The recommendation is that the daily intake of apple tea does not exceed three cups.

apple tea with cinnamon


  • 500 ml of filtered water;
  • Peel of an apple;
  • A piece of cinnamon stick.

Method of preparation

Bring the water to a boil, as indicated in the previous recipe. As soon as the water reaches boiling point, add the apple peel and cinnamon stick. Simmer for 10 minutes. After this time, turn off the heat and let the mixture rest.

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To facilitate the removal of the apple peel and cinnamon stick, use a sieve. Then, just put the tea in the cup and consume. Remember that the recommended daily intake of apple tea should not exceed three cups.

Properties of apple tea

Rich in nutrients, apples are considered an extremely healthy fruit for the body . In this way, tea that is prepared using the peel of the fruit is also seen with these references.

Antioxidant properties

Apple peel tea helps prevent premature aging of the skin and cells, precisely because it contains antioxidant properties. In this way it is possible to have a much more beautiful and youthful looking skin for longer.

The antioxidant present in apple peel also acts to strengthen the immune system, protecting the body against disease.

Consumption of apple tea also helps protect your nerve cells. In this way, it fights the aging of the brain and diseases such as  Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s .

Apple tea also combats fluid retention , detoxifying the body and reducing swelling.

The apple is also good for the respiratory system . “According to Health magazine, eating at least five apples a day can improve the lung function, thanks to an antioxidant called quercetin found in the skin of apples,” explains Falconi.

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Apple is rich in fiber

Apple peel is rich in fiber. Thus, the tea prepared from its use helps in digestion, regulates the intestine and eliminates toxins present in the body.

“An average apple has approximately four grams of fiber. A part of this is in the form of peritin, which is a type of gel, a soluble fiber, which has been associated with the reduction of bad cholesterol levels in the body”, explains holistic therapist Armando Falconi Filho .

This action ends up protecting the heart from the development of heart disease and stroke. As if that wasn’t enough, fiber helps balance the blood sugar level, reducing the risk of developing diabetes.

The fibers present in the apple peel increase the feeling of satiety , helping people who are looking for the ideal weight. “ursolic acid is linked to a lower risk of obesity. According to a recent study, it increases the burning of calories and the development of muscle and lean mass”, says Falconi.

Apple tea for women

Women’s health also benefits from the use of apple tea. Those who suffer from menopause symptoms should include drinking in their daily lives. The presence of the flavonoid floridzine acts to protect the bones and fights osteoporosis.

It is worth remembering that these diseases mentioned above are quite susceptible in women who are at this stage of life.

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The apple peel also has a high concentration of phytochemicals, substances responsible for fighting breast, uterus and liver cancers . “In 2007, another study found additional compounds called cliterpenoids that appear to fight cancer of the colon, liver and breast,” testifies the holistic therapist.

Even with all these benefits associated with apple tea, it is best to consult a doctor. This will prevent a number of health complications, especially in people who are more sensitive.